International Journal of Engineering and Technology Research

Editorial Team

Executive Editor

  1. Dr. Khoo Voon Ching, holds two Master’s degrees, namely, the M.Sc. by Research from Asia eUniversity and a Master of Business Administration degree from Akamai University, USA. Voon Ching obtained his professional qualifications as an incorporated engineer from the Engineering Council, UK, and as a certified planning engineer from the American Academy of Project Management, USA. He also studied in the University Technology of Malaysia to obtain his diploma in Mechanical Engineering and in Institute First Robotics Industrial Science to acquire an advanced diploma in Robotics and Automation Engineering. Voon Ching is also obtained the PhD in Management from Akamai University. Voon Ching has many years of industry experience, specializing in automation and semiconductor testing. He first worked for ASM Assembly Equipment as a service engineer before he moved to Semiconductor Testing Automation. As a sales manager with COHU, Inc., he was involved in multi-site test handler sales and service activities. He implemented multi-site testing handlers in many MNCs involved in semiconductor testing, which primarily aimed to reduce testing costs. His research interests include technology management, cost reduction through technology, and the efficiency of technology to improve human condition. Mr. Khoo is a member of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers and the International Associations of Engineers. He is a fellow of the American Academy of Project Management., Malaysia

Associate Editors

  1. Dr. Douglass Capogrossi, Dr. Capogrossi has established and administered a variety of formal and non-formal education programs including distance learning colleges, trade apprenticeships, correctional education programs, work experience projects, on-the-job training ventures within industry and the human services, cross-border university affiliations, distance learning training programs for industry, and adult job training through center-based programs. He holds permanent teaching credentials in the United States in commerce and social studies and lifetime certification as a counseling teacher for the emotionally disturbed. Dr. Capogrossi has ten years experience developing and delivering successful correctional education programs for adult inmates in Hawaii prison facilities with emphasis in parenting, cognitive development, transition to work and community, and adult basic education skills. Dr. Capogrossi is an experienced community service administrator, where his expertise rests primarily with creation of NGO corporate structures, program funding, excellence of Board operation, and implementation of a wide spectrum of government and nonprofit training programs and emergency services projects. Dr. Capogrossi has held top management positions in industry, serving as General Manager of Micrographic Systems, a medical camera-manufacturing firm in Silicon Valley California for a brief period in the early 1980s and he owned and operated America Builders, a successful licensed general contracting firm. Dr. Capogrossi has extensive community service experience on NGO boards and is highly experienced with founding activities for new nonprofit ventures, especially with antipoverty programs. He has served as a member of the Board of an international quality assurance agency in higher education. Dr. Capogrossi earned his Bachelors in Business Administration, his Master’s in Curriculum and Instruction, and his Ph.D. in Adult and Continuing Education from Cornell University, USA, where he completed an extensive dissertation investigating the effectiveness of the American education system. Among his more recent published scholarly papers, The Assurance of Academic Excellence among Nontraditional Universities was published in the Journal of Higher Education in Europe. Dr. Capogrossi has dedicated his career in service to humanity, through his efforts to improve the human condition.
  2. Dr. Niranjan Ray, Dr. Ray is a Program Director of Corporate Training (Six Sigma), and Deputy Program Director for the Akamai University Business Administration Program. He is a President of Roswell 83, LLC (3 star hotel, Motel 6), and board of directors of 101 Crescent, Inc. (3 star hotel, Quality Inn & Suites). Dr. Ray received his B.S.E.E (Hons)., M.S. E.E. and Ph.D. (Engineering) from Jadavpur University in India. He has taught at several universities including Jadavpur University, India, Engineering University, Bangladesh and International Institute of Management Science, India. He served as a Faculty Head of Computer Division of the Indian Institute of Material Management, Kolkata, India. He was an adjunct faculty of University of Redlands, California and Greenwich University, Norfolk Island. He served as a Principal Adviser, Software Design and Development of EDSA Micro Corporation., USA. As a corporate trainer he taught Managers, Engineers of Parsons Corporation, USA in Relational Database Management System (DBMS). He also provided training on courses of Computer and DBMS to Managers, Engineers of State Electricity Board, Kolkata, India, and Indian Administrative officers at Administrative training Institute, Kolkata, India. He is a Competent Toast Master (CTM) of Toast Master of International, USA. Dr. Ray was a senior member of IEEE, USA. He has a number of published papers to his credit. His primary interests are in teaching and research in the fields of Computer Science and Engineering, Management Information Systems, Computer Applications in Business Administration including Project Management, and Systems Analysis and Design., United States
  3. Prof Kaliyappan P. Renganathan, Prof. Renganathan holds a Master of Science by Research from Asia e University, Malaysia. He holds professional qualifications as a Certified Planning Engineer (CPE) from the American Academy of Project Management, USA, and has studied in the Institute of Technology Butterworth to achieve his Diploma as an Electronic Technician. Prof. Renganathan has many years of industrial experience, specializing in automation and semiconductor assembly. He was employed at ASM Assembly Equipment as a senior service engineer before working with ASE Semiconductor Electronics as a senior process engineer. He has been involved with transfer molding as a key person to all molding processes and systems. Prof. Renganathan implemented process improvements and conducted effectiveness cost studies. Currently, he works as a Technical Sales Manager with Jademicron Pts. Ltd., promoting technical products for the semiconductor industry. Prof. Renganathan is a member of the International Association of Engineers and is a Fellow of the American Academy of Project Management., Malaysia