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California Acupuncture College
Institute of Project Management Professionals, Ghana
Holos University Graduate Seminary, USA
Institute for Global Education, Project NatureConnect, USA
Course for Me, USA
British Institute of Homeopathy,USA
Millennium Project, USA
Euro College, Macedonia
International Foundation on Research into the Nature of Man, Mexico
Institute of Management Specialists, UK

California Acupuncture College
The California Acupuncture College was originally founded in 1978 in conjunction with the National Acupuncture Association in Los Angeles, California. It was one of the first schools in the USA to begin training students to become professional acupuncturists. After a number of years of inactivity, the CAC is proud to re-open its doors in affiliation with Akamai University to again lead the profession of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine toward higher academic and professional standards. This program is open to all practitioners of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine who have graduated from a recognized, approved, or accredited program in Oriental Medicine, or have at least 5 years of experience and can demonstrate the equivalent training. Completion of this program will award the Doctor of Oriental Medicine (OMD) degree to those graduates from recognized programs for the training of acupuncturists and oriental medicine practitioners in the USA as well as other countries.

Institute of Project Management Professionals, Ghana
Institute of Project Management Professionals is dedicated to promoting and advancing the science and practice of project management around the world, especially to enhance development in West Africa and foster the highest level of professionalism and project success. The IPMP vision is to train professionals in the field of project management to become the national backbone of various countries, organizations, and ready to meet and overcome risks/challenges. IPMP holds Professional Bodies Registration NO. PB. 68 and is affiliated to NABPTEX, partner of American Association of Project Managers.
IPMP Main Website
Bachelor of Science in Project Management
Master of Science in Project Management
Doctor of Philosophy in Project Management

EDS Business School
EDS Business School is internationally recognized as a premier training and executive development organization, and world-class nurturer of talent, satisfying a rapidly growing demand for skills development training among educational leaders, professionals, entrepreneurs and executives in the Asia-Pacific Region. EDS operates world class advanced management trainings and networking activities in Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Vietnam, Hong Kong, China, USA and Macedonia, Eastern Europe, and is best known for providing state-of-the-art training in management principles and leadership practices through a unique Executive Open Learning Programs. EDS Business School is established to meet the rapidly growing demand for skills development training needs by academia, NGO leaders, professionals, business owners and executives in the Asia-Pacific Region to provide up-to-date management knowledge and leadership practices through its unique (Executive Opening Learning) training model.
For further EDS details, visit the
EDS Business School website.

Master of Business Administration
PhD in Management (by Dissertation)
Master of Science in Human Resources and Talent Management
Master of Leadership in Civil Service
Akamai Bachelor of Education

Holos University Graduate Seminary
The Holos University Graduate Seminary is a world class institution of higher learning dedicated to preparing its students to integrate universal principles of spirituality and holistic health through self-development, scholarly exploration and research, and compassionate service. Holos University Graduate Seminary is an official graduate school of the All Faiths Church of Spirituality and Health and operates in compliance with the laws of the State of Missouri. Holos University has been granted programmatic accreditation from the New Thought Accreditation Commission (NTAC. The Akamai-Holos affiliation was initiated 23 January 2013 as a means for assuring Holos graduate researchers a quality review under the Akamai University Institutional Review Board for approval of research with human subjects and live animals. Discussions are underway for further collaboration between the institutions.

Institute for Global Education
The Institute for Global Education is a special NGO consultant to the United Nations Economic and Social Council. Its goal is to educate those who desire to participate in a world where peace is a way of life. Educating and Counseling With Nature: The Institute of Global Education Department of Integrated Ecology conducts Project NatureConnect with online programs in Applied Ecopsychology and Integrated Ecology.
Institute for Global Education Email
Institute for Global Education Website

Individual Akamai classes posted online at this site. This permits nondegree students to start one class at a time. Akamai Portal at CoursesForMe.Com

British Institute of Homeopathy - USA
The British Institute of Homeopathy is recognized as the largest, most successful school of homeopathic medicine in the world. Internationally recognized for excellence in education, it offers an outstanding curriculum, featuring a student body exceeding 11,000 residing in 80 countries. The British Institute of Homeopathy is best known for its exceptional, self-paced distance education courses, professional personal tutors and interactive lessons which makes for a thoroughly enjoyable educational experience for the dedicated student.
British Institute of Homeopathy USA Webpage

Millennium Projects

The Millennium Project provides an international capacity building for early warning and analysis of global long-range issues, opportunities, and strategies. The Project provides an on going capacity as a geographically and institutionally dispersed think tank. The Millennium Project manages a coherent and cumulative process that collects and assesses judgments from over 2,500 people since the beginning of the project selected by its 46 Nodes around the world. The work is distilled in its annual "State of the Future", "Futures Research Methodology" series, and special studies. The Millennium Project has advised Akamai university since its inception to assure the University's academic and research programs are appropriately and effectively geared toward betterment of the human condition and sustainability of the planet and powerfully arranged to best serve the challenges of the future.
Millennium Project Webpage

Euro College, Macedonia
Euro College is a higher educational university college dedicated to excellence in teaching and service. Through it's education programs it seeks to stimulate intellectual curiosity, imagination, rational thinking, and thoughtful expression in a broad range of disciplines and professional fields. Euro College received accreditation from the Board of Accreditation of the Republic of Macedonia, its home nation, and permanent license from the Ministry of Education.
Euro College Website

International Foundation on Research into the Nature of Man, Mexico
The esential mission of the Foundation is to study humankind in a way that is more profound and integral, so as to help humankind achieve their highest bio-psycho-social and spiritual enrichment, and to develop their self-curative potentials, and to do so to the best of our scientific and professional abilities. The Foundation has gathered the highest quality academics and professional practitioners to assure achievement of it mission. The Foundation and Akamai University are undertaking accredited Spanish-language programs in Human Sexuality and Addictionology leading to licensing for practice in Medico, Central and South America.
Foundation Website

Institute of Management Specialists, UK
The Institute of Management Specialists (IMS), founded in 1971, is a United Kingdom based professional qualification awarding body. The IMS is listed in British Qualifications ? the British Council?s reference book, published by Kogan Page Ltd. Applicants will be assessed on their education, training, knowledge, skill and experience (K.S.E.) and responsibility. The Institute of Management Specialists places great emphasis on lifelong learning through continuous professional development and our core differentiation of our members being managers and specialists. Akamai University conducts a number of professional management programs in cooperation with IMS, to permit their members to advance their qualifications.
Visit the IMS Website

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