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Akamai University understands and supports the need for research on all fronts of the human experience, from the arts and humanities, religious and spiritual arenas of ideas, to the concrete world of hard political and business decisions. The scope of our faculty and student research reaches from the realm of public health and disease control to the recognition of the whole person in the healing process and from the study of the depth of human psyche to the community as an incubator of social and psychological health. Our research scope also spans the essential areas of environmental and life science.

Our research ventures encourage the development of new technological systems addressing the need for global communication and educational systems to bring each world citizen the knowledge to empower themselves to change their world. Akamai University?s research philosophy, then, is to create and organize new knowledge and systems toward the amelioration of major world problems, improvement of the human condition and sustainability of the planet.

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Raymond A. Zepp, Ph.D.
Statistics and Research Methodologies

LaWanna Blount, Ph.D.
Social Science Research Methods


Pacific Journal of Science and Technology
Journal for the Advancement of the Human Condition

The Pacific Journal of Science and Technology (PJST) is a peer-reviewed electronic journal of interdisciplinary scientific research, theories, and observations. PJST is a semi-annual publication of Akamai University, Hilo, Hawaii. The mission of this journal is to provide a non-commercial platform for the dissemination of scientific research and theory across the academic disciplines. We seek to facilitate greater communication between the scientific assembly at Akamai University and the larger scientific community. To this end, the PJST provides a platform for research conducted both inside and outside of our university. As a non-profit institute of higher learning, Akamai University seeks no publication or distribution fees from the PJST. The journal is provided strictly in the spirit of academic and scientific discourse and in support of our institutional mission of improving the human condition.
Pacific Journal of Science and Technology

This is an open journal! Akamai publishes articles if they can contribute in a significant manner toward the betterment of the human condition. The journal willaccept submissions in the fields of applied psychology and human services,business and economic development, ecological and environmental sciences, education and literacy, health and wellness, peace studies, gender studies, and study of aging, and humanities,among other fields. This is a voluntary journal that is operated in support of the Akamai University mission and in the spirit of its nonprofit foundation. The journal coordinators will try to publish all appropriate submissions, although no submission is guaranteed publication.
Journal for the Advancement of the Human Condition

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Charles Leake Scholarship in Mathematical Science
Scholarship for Advancement of Human Condition

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Applied Psychology and Human Services
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Sustained Human Development
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