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2004 Vol. 1
To Renew the Environment of Our Mind.
Michael Cohen, Ed.D.

Throwaway Sons and Keeper Daughters.
Mike Ramey

Living longer, yes! But living well?
Anthony G. Payne

Educate yourself for tommorrow.
Andrew Flaxman

Distance Learning Universities: Bringing Access to Education To People Around the World.
LaWanna L. Blount, Ph.D.

To Renew the Environment of Our Mind.
Michael Cohen, Ed.D.

This book review presents empirical and theoretical evidence for self-help as well as personal life coach healing and alternative medicine counseling. It shows lay people, counselors and healers that the denial by contemporary society of its psychological addiction to nature-disconnected thinking, objects and relationships underlies our most challenging personal, social and environmental troubles. This review is one of several about The Web of Life Imperative, (Trafford) a trade publication containing an easily accessible Applied Ecopsychology, the Natural Systems Thinking Process (NSTP) that strengthens therapy, health, environment and resilience. NSTP is a thoughtful, hands-on, organic learning program for independent use, personal life coach healing and alternative medicine counselors. It was created by Dr. Michael Cohen and workers at the Institute of Global Education. NSTP empowers us to consciously connect our thinking with natural systems, backyard or backcountry so that Nature's healing qualities there can help us resolve addictive and otherwise resistant problems. Nature helps us strengthen therapy, health, the environment and our resilience because it contains powers that renew, regenerate and purify destructive aspects of natural systems around and within us. As part of Nature our psyche and spirt enjoy this benefit when we authentically reconnect them to Nature. Read this article!

Throwaway Sons and Keeper Daughters.
Mike Ramey

A few years ago, I first tackled this topic of "sons" and "daughters". Based upon new readership, coupled with more Internet exposure, I have dug back into the "gold" file to bring this one forward. Id like to open with a question. Time was that mothers cried at weddings. Why are more FATHERS crying at weddings these days? Is it because of the cost? Is it because of the location? Is it because of the fact that their "baby girl" is finally getting "hitched"? No, none of these reasons. More Fathers are crying at weddings because their future son-in-law is JUST AS BAD as feared he would be! Brothers, wed better get a firm grip on the young men who make up the next generation that is coming up behind us, and make sure that they understand that the only place SUCCESS comes before WORK is in the DICTIONARY! Youll find out why Im concerned, in just a few lines. Read this article!

Living Longer, yes! But living well?
Simple measures that will help keep you healthy
Dr. Anthony G. Payne

Living exacts a toll on us all. There is fossil evidence of arthrititic-like conditions in some dinosaurs. Sharks, rats, humans and other species get cancer. But by and large, most nonhuman mammals are spared high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and simular conditions collectively referred to as "the diseases of civilization." Why? Is it because they do not live as long as humans? Not necessarily, as some species are relatively long-lived. Some species of tortoises can live nearly two hundreds of years, as do some fish. But they are not genetically close to us. What of our evolutionary cousins and siblings? In the wild, chimpanzees live to on average about 35-40 years. This lifespan matched or exceeded that of our forebearers for countless millennia, but was surpassed by humans during the past 60 years or so. This, most scientists concede, is attributable to improved nutrition and disease prevention and treatment. So it would seem that we are doing better than our evolutionary relatives on the whole. But are we really? Read this article!

Educate Yourself for Tomorrow
Prof. Andrew Flaxman

For hundreds of years, from all over the ancient world, kings and commoners traveled to Delphi to ask the Oracle of Apollo about the right course of action whether to make war or seek peace, whether to marry one person or another. They brought rich offerings to the god and were sent on their way by the priests with riddling answers. And yet, over the entrance to the Sanctuary of Apollo at Delphi was the admonition: "Know Thyself!" This ancient wisdom suggested that the true oracle lies within. The answers to the great human questions, public and private, are found not outside us but only through an inner journey of the seeking spirit. The crucial importance of developing self-knowledge can best be understood in the words of another ancient piece of wisdom: The Hebraic Talmud says, "We do not see things the way they are, we see things the way we are." In other words, we grind the lenses with which we see the world. Read this article!

Distance Learning Universities: Bringing Access to Education To People Around the World
LaWanna L. Blount, Ph.D.

Today we are participating in the rise of the "Learning Revolution" coupled with the exploding growth of distance education in higher education. Distance education is when students and instructors are separated and education takes place beyond the spaces of the campus or classroom. Indeed, distance education has become a major form of delivery and learning for this information age and is tailored for professionals, who may not wish to drive to the nearest college or university and sit in classes or any person who may not have access to college or university.
Read this article!

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