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Welcome to the Center
for Applied Psychology and Human Services!

As an institution of higher education, how do we best serve the human condition? This has been a central question in Akamai’s charter since its inception. Applied Psychology and Human Services addresses this question from the perspective of the study of the human psyche and behavior. How can we advance the understanding of the “phenomenon of man” such that we make a difference in how individuals, families, communities, both local and global, interact and work towards a common good. This is not a speculative research undertaking, but a real life search for practical applications that have demonstrable results in our lives.

The studies in this Center address areas of special need to the human family that have emerged in contemporary culture as well as areas of time honored concern that are resurfacing in modern garb. Our dedication as teachers in this Center is to not only to present students with the findings of contemporary research and the latest evolving theories, but also to teach the techniques which have proven most effective in making positive and enduring contributions to harmony and right action as appropriate to the contexts in which real life challenges are occurring.

It is our pleasure to invite serious students to join us in this quest to both learn and share the best of what each has to teach. It is through this mutuality of effort that we create a learning environment in which the whole is far greater than the sum of the parts.

Jim Morninstar, Ph.D.
Center Director
Applied Psychology and Human Services


Bachelor's Degree Programs
Bachelor of Science in Professional Studies

Master's Degree Programs
Spiritual Psychology
Applied Psychology and Human Services
Human Sexuality
Men's Studies and Fatherhood

Doctoral Degree Programs
Doctor of Philosophy (by Dissertation)


Jim Morningstar, Ph.D.
Dan Huber, Ph.D.
John L. Laughlin, Ph.D.
Antonio Cardona, MA, MPA. CPM
Ruth Huffman-Hine, Ph.D
Juanita J. Rinas, MA, LPC

Jim Morningstar, Ph.D.
Dr. Morningstar is the founder and director of the School of Spiritual Psychology, and has been a recognized leader in the breathwork movement. After completing his doctorate in clinical psychology at Fordham University in 1972, he served as a staff psychologist and the administrator of a community mental health center. After traveling in Africa in the 1970s, he began a deep search for his own spiritual path, doing extensive personal growth work in Gestalt, bioenergetics and tai chi, living in a spiritual community, engaging in enlightenment intensives, and conducting research on levels of consciousness. Jim's books have been translated into other languages, and he presents workshops and seminars in the United States and abroad. Dr. Morningstar has authored three books and one audiotape in the fields of spiritual psychology and breathwork.

Dan Huber, Ph.D.
Dan Huber grew up on the shores of Lake Michigan in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Heavily influenced by the beauty of nature around him and the communal interest in helping others, inspired by his parents, Dan developed and pursued a career in helping people. His career started as a childcare counselor at the Child Guidance Clinic in Boston, where exposure to the brightest minds in psychiatry and psychology in helping children, inspired him to enter further graduate study in psychology. His studies began at Boston University and culminated in degrees in counseling and school psychology and a doctorate in developmental psychology from University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee. Along with his strong academic interest in learning ways to help others, Dan developed spiritually through meditation and Shamanism. He found this to be a much broader view for understanding and helping to improve the human condition. Dan’s current work is focused on using ancient techniques of meditation and Shamanism to improve the lives of others and strengthen communities. This interest is presently being expanded into teaching, researching and infusing scientific psychology with practical spirituality.

John L. Laughlin, Ph.D.
Dr. Laughlin received his doctoral degree in Humanistic Psychology from Fairfax University, Louisiana and his MS in Clinical Social Work from Columbia University, New York. He has many years of clinical experience in individual, group, couple and family psychotherapy. Dr. Laughlin has supervised graduate students from Adelphi, Columbia, Rutgers and Fordham Universities. He is also on the faculty of Westbrook University, New Mexico. For the past ten years he has conducted his own private practice in Glen Dale, Maryland. Dr. Laughlin is a Clinical Member of AAMFT, a Board Certified Diplomate in Clinical Social Work, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Maryland, a Certified Doctoral Additions Counselor, and a Diplomate of the American Psychotherapy Association. Dr. Laughlin is an author of many scholarly articles and a recent book entitled, Reading Thomas Merton: His Life and Works.

Antonio Cardona, MPA, MA, CPM, CWDP, GCF
Mr. Cardona holds the Executive Master's in Public Administration from Rutgers University and Master of Arts in Community Counseling from The College of New Jersey. He has been actively involved in diversity and race relations, and the development of anti-discrimination programming for over 10 years. Mr. Cardona is a native speaking Spanish language communicator and has served as an EEO Investigator for the State of New Jersey, including placement within the Office of the Attorney General for assurance of compliance and diversity administration. He is a human resource professional with the New Jersey Department of Human Services and a Workforce Development Coordinator and Career Counselor. Mr. Cardona coordinates mediation scheduling and training for Union County and serves as a professional mediator with the court systems in Union and Somerset Counties. He is an Associate Professor of Psychology with Mercer County College, and an adjunct faculty member with the Human Resource Development Institute, Union County College. Mr. Cardona serves the State of New Jersey as a diversity expert, holds government certifications in EEO/AA, Diversity Programming and Training, Mediation and Employment Dispute Issues, and holds workforce development credentials including Certified Job Counselor, Training-the-Trainer, and Managing Workplace Diversity. He is an active radio and television presenter, trainer and speaker and serves on a number of state boards and community advisor boards.

Ruth Huffman-Hine
Dr. Huffman Hine has spent forty years in the field of education, twenty-four of which were in designing and implementing programs in literacy, English as a Second Language and programs for high school completion. Serving as administrator of the school corporation's program, she collaborated with business and industry to design programs of instruction to encourage workers to be successful in their jobs. Dr. Huffman Hine is zealous in her desire to inspire adults to achieve an education so they can be successful in their life's pursuits. She holds a lifetime teaching certificate with a BS in Education from Butler University, Indianapolis; MA in Education from Indiana University, Bloomington; and a doctoral degree in Educational Administration from Greenwich University. She has served in leadership roles in adult education professional organizations, and has provided direction in training volunteer tutors. Dr. Huffman Hine is presently doing research for a publication in adult education.

Juanita J. Rinas, MA, LPC
Prof. Rinas is currently finishing a Ph.D. at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology. She has worked in the mental health and substance abuse fields for several years, and continues to be a licensed counselor in private practice. Ms. Rinas has considerable experience in qualitative methods of research. Her doctoral research uses blended methods of qualitative inquiry to better understand complex relationships between people involved in selected activities, focusing on the psychological and ecological implications of different forms of communication. Ms. Rinas has research interests in consciousness, social change, human-nature interconnections and psychological/ social interdependencies within diverse cultures and societies. Her interests have been fueled by work experiences in job coaching, human resource administration, case management, emergency mental health and crisis-management services and Juanita’s personal journey from homelessness to higher education in Western society. She has worked with diverse client populations and belief systems. Ms. Rinas is an active advocate for cultural preservation, multicultural communication, environmental preservation, ecological sustainability, social justice and reform. She is proactive regarding the creation of positive, creative, and sustainable work and living environments, applied education, training, and research. She values indigenous rights, spiritual freedom, women’s rights, and integral, life-long learning. Ms. Rinas has a published poem: Seamless Flowing. She writes for a local, independent newspaper and has a column, Beyond the Heard Mentality, which promotes self-care, connections with community, environment, mental health, social issues, and community services.


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The mission of the School of Spiritual Psychology is to provide exploration and integration of body, mind and spirit such that students may joyfully actualize their full potential and give their highest service to the planet.

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